Khadijah Adamu Sunkani

College of Health Sciences

Khadijah attended a school that taught in both Arabic and English, skipped grades 9 and 10 to graduate with honors at 16. She pushed through quickly because her family needed a medical person to help her father manage his diabetes. She had watched her father’s nurses help him with his care and wanted to do the same for him and others like him. Each of her 11 siblings had expressed interest in a health care profession, but none of them could master the necessary science classes whereas she loved science, especially the Latin words.  

While it took some time to adjust she has not just settled in nicely, she is thriving. She is excelling in her classes and has joined the student magazine. Khadijah has attended every career development workshop. She says that this type of wisdom to help her prepare for her career is just not available in Nigeria – she doesn’t want to miss out on one bit. 

She says that she also appreciates our international model such that she will be able to attain a higher level of responsibility and respect than nurses in Nigeria. She also appreciates that our faculty are teaching her both about the body as well as psychology so she will be able to care for the whole patient. Finally she appreciates the bond of friendship she is building with her classmates and faculty. 

Four months into the program she wants to learn more about surgical nursing and OB/GYN nursing. 

Her message to VinUni donors is that she is determined to make them proud by applying herself to her studies and her career as a way to demonstrate that she values their help.

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